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The future of robotics

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Why Choose US?

Specialized Robotic Solutions is a benchmark for small robotics automation and allows the every day person to use and benefit from our different platforms. 

Surface Emission Monitoring Robot

With our RTK GPS System, Live View Camera, and multiple different drive options, you will be able to make SEM more efficient, safer, and more cost effective all from the push of a button.

Ag Robot

By utilizing an RTK GPS and a small wheel base, our robotic platforms allow you to travel to hard to reach places and take live pictures, spray weeds along field edges, or deliver supplies in places where a traditional vehicle or four-wheeler may not be able to travel to. 

Robotic Archery Target, Surface Emission Monitoring Robot, 4WD Robotic Platform
Moving Archery Target

Our remote control and semi autonomous robotic archery targets allow you to bring the target back to you after long range shots as well as practice real life shooting scenarios where the animal may not always be stationary. 

General Purpose Robot

Our robotic platforms come with manual remote control capabilities, or an optional fully autonomous, RTK GPS system. By utilizing a combination of both of these user friendly modes, you will be able to move small trailers around, carry heavy items when working outdoors, or even mow your yard with it!

The Machine

Our platforms are highly customizable and can be conformed to any specific applications you may need. 


  • 22-26" Wheelbase

  • High Quality Steel or Aluminum Body- custom choice

  • Nearly 63 lb-ft of Torque 

  • Up to 14 Hours of Battery Life

  • 6-10 Channel Remote Control

  • Available Accuracy of 3cm or less

  • Payload Rating of up to 1,200 lbs

  • Top Speed of 5.7 MPH

Robotic Platform


  • Salt Spreading During Winter Months

  • Mowing During Summer Months

  • Moving Small Trailers when a Truck is not Available

  • Home Security Patrolling

  • Monitoring Hard to Reach Areas with our Live Camera

  • Autonomous Planting of Small Plots

General information

Our platforms are capable of many different tasks with the manual control method, while also boasting an RTK GPS option that will allow you to do many of the tasks outdoors by pressing a single button. We also offer custom solutions that can be set up by calling our office for a consultation. 


Specialized Robotic Solutions offers many different solutions to problems faced by outdoorsman. We offer high quality robotic archery targets, autonomous mowing platforms, as well as customizable solutions for hauling heavy loads, moving small trailers, and also security based applications. 

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