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Surface Emission monitoring

Surface Emission Monitoring on landfills can be a very dangerous task that consists of long hours walking on steep slopes doing repetitive tasks. By using our platforms, it allows the operator to monitor the progress and do other tasks, while never having to leave the comfort of the truck or office. 

How it works

Our robotic surface emission monitoring platforms come with an RTK GPS system, live view camera, tracked and wheeled options, and can even come included with a methane monitoring device of your choice. We pride ourselves in ease of use, low maintenance, and outstanding customer service. 

You can view videos of our Surface Emission Monitoring Solution on YouTube or on our Facebook Page. 

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After ordering your rover, it will be customized to your needs and then promptly shipped to your door. When you receive your rover, you can simply turn on the machine and drive it out of the box it comes in. 


The first step in autonomous surface emission monitoring is to set up a path. To do this, you download the planning software, use the mouse to click on waypoint areas, or create an advanced path for the rover to follow. After completing your autonomous mission, simply flip a switch on the remote control and your rover will travel along the pre-planned path with ease. 

run time

After you are done using your rover, there is a charging port on the back of the rover. Plug in the rover using our included charger, and wake up the next morning to a fully charged rover that will be ready to do it all over again. Our rovers have traveled up to 32 miles on a single charge. 


To monitor surface emissions from our rover you can use the built in GPS system on your device, or you can use the precise GPS data from our rover to gather all the necessary information. Our rovers, along with the RTK GPS solution, are capable of very accurate data and will allow you to run the same courses every single time. 

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