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Robotic Platforms

Our Robotic Platforms are capable of many different tasks that will make your life easier around the farm, house, or any outdoor setting. These machines are very user friendly and also have the option to be completely customized based on each person's needs. 

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4WD Rover, 4WD Robot, Autonomous Rover, Autonomous Robot, 4WD Autonomous Rover, 4WD Autonomous Robot


  • 6-13" Tires available in pneumatic or Tiller Tire configuration

  • STD, GEL, and Li-Ion Battery Options

  • Up to 14 hours of battery life

  • 2WD and 4WD configurations

  • Optional trailer or pin hitch 

  • 24V Independent DC motors

  • High Quality steel or aluminum body panels

  • Highly Customizable

  • 22-26" Wheelbase

4WD Steel Robot, 4WD Steel Rover, 4WD Robotic Platform
  • RTK GPS Capability

  • Sub 3cm Accuracy Available

  • Mobile and Stationary Base Station Options

  • Easily add on farming or outdoor applications

  • Allows you to keep your hands free while working outdoors. 

Standard Units come with manual control only. Select GPS options at checkout or email us to set up a custom application for your project. 

Our robotic platforms have a variety of different uses available to the everyday user. You can move trailers, mow your lawn, plant food plots, plow snow, spread salt, or monitor your house while you are away all with the push of a single button. Our GPS models have standard and advanced settings based on your application needs as well as the surrounding terrain. Our models all come equipped with a standard remote control for easy to use manual control mode, easy charging, and for backing in trailers when needed. 

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