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RObotic Archery Targets

  • Manual Control Mode

  • "Spin Mode"

  • "Yardage Mode"

  • High Quality 3D or Box Targets

  • Innertube Tires to resist Punctures

  • High Quality Steel Body to resist Punctures

  • Different Motor Sizes 

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Autonomous Modes

These modes allow the shooter to set the initial speed of the robot, flip a switch on the remote control, then shoot at the robotic archery target as it travels across their shooting range. ​

Spin Mode

Spin Mode allows the user to set the speed of the robot during the spin. After you set the speed, you can then adjust the tire rotation to allow the robot to spin in very tight circles, or wide circles to allow you to simulate a moving target at any angle during the track. The robot will stay in this mode until the user switches it back into manual mode. 

Yardage Mode

Yardage Mode allows the user to flip any one of the switches on top of the remote and allow the robot to travel to a specific yardage that is set up when purchased. This allows the robot to travel to a set yardage, turn broadside, then travel back to you when you are done shooting. This mode also has a switch which allows the robot to travel back and forth in between 10 yard increments to allow you to experience the moving target in both directions. 

The Idea

This idea first came to mind when we were out sighting in our new sights on our bows one September afternoon. We had a friend who had an injured foot and it was very difficult for him to go out and pull the arrows from the target at extended ranges. Because of this, we developed a robotic archery target capable of bringing the target back to him so he did not have to walk a great distance every time that he was done shooting at his target. Another feature that we offer with these targets is the opportunity to shoot moving targets hands free by utilizing our semi-autonomous modes implemented on the target when you purchase one. 

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